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Design Evolution

Our challenge has been to create a sense of genuine ambience and value by building hotels that embrace Thai history and culture yet which remain unique and infused with modern conveniences of their very own.

Our key elements of surprise, though unintentional, are mirrored through moments of hiding, seeking, tempting and revealing a particular alcove or room. As guests effortlessly discover the make-up of a Sukosol Hotel, they will invariably uncover its heartbeat and soul.

In fact, we like to think of our hotels as works of art! What we’re after is a feeling of intimacy and exclusivity, not to the point of being untouchable, but memorable and down-to-earth.

Consider the courtyard homes of various cultures around the world... they exude a lifestyle that’s very personable, charming and mysterious. They’re hidden but welcoming. Besides providing a tranquil escape from the bustling street life, they still incorporate the culture and history of the country itself. That is the sense we are after at The Siam, Wave, The Sukosol, etc.... to merge Thai authenticity with luxury hospitality.

We also feel that we have the opportunity to create something truly original... to present a brand new approach to the Bangkok hotelscape. What we are really passionate about is building destinations to bring guests into our world of Sukosol sensuality, mystery, tranquillity, history and ultimately, five-star service and amenities. Uniqueness and offerings shape the ethos of our design, essence and concepts.
The simplicity of Art Deco style (circa 1920–1930) runs as a theme throughout our newer properties (The Siam, Wave) and those recently renovated (The Sukosol, The Bayview). This was a period significantly influenced by Oriental (and African) design, which today, still strikes a perfect balance in our properties. As an example, Chinese wooden screen patterns and the lines of Moroccan/African materials mesh flawlessly with our European and Thai pieces.

Savvy travellers today split their time between exploring and being pampered. We see our hotels as such places of emphasis, where travellers can explore, chill out and regenerate. At the same time, ours are not isolated escape hotels, given they are all in prime locations. What we do is provide an oasis in the city (Bangkok, Pattaya), a place where guests may choose to hideaway or mingle with the world at large...

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The Sukosol , Bangkok, Thailand

Traditional Thai Massage Class

60 minutes is all it takes to learn the secrets of the trade... It’s easy and fun to study simple Thai massage techniques with our experienced teachers.

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The Bayview , Pattaya


Plan ahead for your next stay and save up to 20%.

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The Siam , Bangkok

Muay Thai Master Class & Retreat

A 3.5 hour experience merging the ultimate in Thai sport and relaxation.Liberate your energy in our private Muay Thai boxing ring starting with a mast...

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