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Plearn Wan

by Social Media Manager (20 Nov 2012)

According to its website, Plearn Wan is: “Center of joy and happiness ... stop the past in order to tell the various tales of Hua Hin in the past ... toward present”. In truth, it’s a giant wooden box stuffed full of people and shops. The design is said to reflect the not-so-distant past; looking and feeling decidedly retro. The slogan of almost everything at Plearn Wan is “as in the past”. Meaning you can eat, dress, shop and hang-out, as if it was fifty years ago.

You can browse an old skool pharmacy, record shop, general store, toy emporium, photography studio and more. Many souvenirs of the edible and collectable variety are available. There are also a couple of cafes where you can sit and relax with a coffee whilst reflecting on days gone by...

Highly popular with the local tourists due to the cutesy shops and numerous photo opportunities, it really is quite fun walking around the shops, snapping away and deciding which yummy desserts to try. There is also a mini theme park (with Ferris wheel) and even a hotel for those who want to brave the noise and stay the night.

During the day, the look and feel of Plearn Wan is quite different from the night, when it is excruciatingly packed. It certainly makes for a pleasant stop-over, where you can roam the "streets", experiencing a little bit of "old" Thailand and stuff your belly full along the way. If you come to Hua Hin this slice of the past is well worth a visit for an hour or so.

Getting there: located on the main highway running into Hua Hin, about 5km before you hit the city proper. The drive from Bangkok is only 2-2.5 hours depending on traffic.

Times: open daily 11am – 12am

Price: free entry, snacks around Bht 20-100

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