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S Service: the guest is first, last and always
T Teamwork: cooperation and open communication are paramount
R Relationships: work with respect and in harmony with all
E Excellence: consistently deliver the best products, services and experiences
N Never-ending: strive to improve and innovate each and every day
G Giving: use our skills and resources for the betterment of society
T Tradition: we honour and pay homage to our Thai heritage
H Honesty: integrity and fairness are our dependable cornerstones


To bring guests the best collection of soulful and bespoke hotels in Thailand.


Our vision guides every aspect of our business by outlining what we need to strive for and accomplish in order to consistently meet the needs of our valued guests.

Perfecting the Art of Heartfelt Service

We believe in the power of “emotional connection” and strive to create and deliver heartfelt services and experiences. These should exceed expectations and delight guests at every touch point because it’s the little things that make a big difference.

People Are Our Greatest Resource

We employ passionate, creative and sincere people with a flair for service. We inspire and motivate them through strong leadership, training, development and engagement so they are excited and motivated to come to work and give their best.

Total Quality Excellence

We consistently develop and improve each and every aspect of our business: front-of-house, back-of-house, systems, standards, maintenance, personnel, training, marketing and sales. All staff, departments and protocols are equally important.

United We Stand

We are united across all our hotels in the joint pursuit of excellence. Truly representing our unique Sukosol Spirit of Service at all times if of the utmost importance. We aim for the sky and have fun achieving our goals as a team.

Partnerships Equal Prosperity

We cannot go it alone in everything we aim to achieve or create. Therefore we work hard to foster a winning network of superior partners, suppliers, supporters and loyal guests to foster enduring value and longevity.

As The World Turns

We must always be a highly creative, dynamic and agile company, underscored by innovation and adaptability, so that we may evolve and grow along with our customer’s demands and preferences.

Making a Difference

We always aim to make a difference in the world by being a responsible and active global citizen. We do this by helping to build and support sustainable communities, championing charity work and undertaking eco-friendly services and activities.

The Right Balance

We strive to balance strategic growth with sustainable long-term profitability for the wellbeing of the owners, management, staff, guests and suppliers. Greatness isn’t built over night and that’s why we work slowly but surely towards our future.

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The Bayview , Pattaya


Plan ahead for your next stay and save up to 20%.

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The Siam , Bangkok

Muay Thai Master Class & Retreat

A 3.5 hour experience merging the ultimate in Thai sport and relaxation.Liberate your energy in our private Muay Thai boxing ring starting with a mast...

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Wave , Pattaya, Thailand

Non-refundable Rate

Book direct at Wave, Pattaya and enjoy exclusive special rates on our Sunset Rooms.

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